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Ogre Gate: House of Paper Shadows, Now available at your local retailer or online!

15 October, 2018

BED9005 Ogre Gate: House of Paper Shadows $19.99 <----Order Now!

In the southern lands of Hai’an, The House of Paper Shadows looms… Inside the walls of the House of Paper Shadows, adventurers encounter halls of flesh and paper, spirited beasts and an assortment of other horrors. Some may discover gateways to the past and the dark root of a terrible curse. The House’s chambers are deadly and guarded by shadows that are more than they seem. The House of Paper Shadows is a wuxia-horror adventure for Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate. It includes a complete map and description of the Shadow House which features new monsters, traps, characters, Kung Fu Techniques, and a mini-time travel mystery adventure. 

Thunderscape: Lost Lexicon, Part 2 - Radiant Demise, Now available at your local retailer or online!

02 October, 2018

KYG020002 Thunderscape: Lost Lexicon, Part 2 - Radiant Demise $19.99 <---- Order Now!

  The sleep little village of Murdoch’s Cove has a secret. Foul monsters talk the swamp, haunting ancient ruins and preying upon the villagers. The Knights of the Radiant Order are sworn to protect the cove, but they can barely protect themselves from this mysterious new threat. A strange journal holds the key to the truth, but its contents are cloaked in impenetrable code. The player characters, along with an old friend, are soon dragged into the center of this mystery. Can they find the truth and save the village from a mad scientist’s vengeance before it’s too late? 

Delta Green: The Last Equation, Now available at your local retailer or online!

02 October, 2018

APU8117 Delta Green: The Last Equation $14.99 <----Order Now!

  A killing spree is horrifying enough. When all eight members of the Ridgeway family are gunned down by a math student who then kills himself, Delta Green sees hints that make it more terrifying still. Your Agents have to stop the madness before it spreads. The Last Equation is a full-color scenario of personal apocalypse and lethal mystery. It is playable with Delta Green: Need to Know or Delta Green: Agent’s Handbook, available from Arc Dream Publishing.

Heir & Back Again for both 5th Edition and Pathfinder, Now available at your local retailer or online!

02 October, 2018

AAW5EH&BA Heir & Back Again -- 5th Edition $19.95 <---- Buy it Now!

AAW5EH&BACC Heir & Back Again - Character Cards -- 5th Edition $3.99 <---- Buy it now!

AAWPFH&BA Heir & Back Again -- Pathfinder RPG $19.95 <----Buy it Now!

AAWPFH&BACC Heir & Back Again - Character Cards -- Pathfinder RPG $3.99 <----Buy it Now!

AAWH&BADECK Heir & Back Again - Deck of Cards -- Any System $9.99 <---- Buy it Now!

  A Return to the Golden Era of PC Adventure Games... yet designed for tabletop RPG play! Young Joylene Crumb always felt that life on a farm wasn’t for her... but with her adoptive father missing and rumors of a black dragon ravaging the countryside, is she really ready to run off on an adventure? Who are we kidding, of course she is, with the help of three unusual companions! Heir & Back Again is an adventure inspired by PC adventure games of the 1980s. Curious puzzles and strange conundrums fill the Duchy of Sapphire, a small fiefdom once part of the great kingdom of Silverlake. Can Joylene and her companions find her father and solve the mystery before it’s too late?

     This adventure includes: Four pregenerated characters – Joylene Crumb (Human Teenager), Fergus MacDougal (Cursed Dwarf), Talulla (Exiled Pooka), and Bjorn Bearson (Young Werebear), plus a storyline tailored to fit these characters, including specific goals and roleplaying advice for newer players. Simple but detailed tables with cross-references for key items in the adventure – never feel like you’re lost or overwhelmed! 21 unique adventure locations. One new poison and three unique magic items. A truly dastardly villain, Vaclav the Evil Wizard! Information on the Duchy of Sapphire and the Kingdom of Silverlake for GMs and players who wish to continue adventuring. And much, much more!


Mermaid Adventures Revised, Now available at your local retailer or online!

02 October, 2018

3EG Mermaid Adventures Revised $19.99 <---- Order Now!

 Dive into adventure and fun! Mermaid Adventures is a game that lets you and your friends become mermaids, forming friendships, fighting sea monsters and solving strange undersea mysteries. Great for families and players of all ages! Updated using the new Pip System Corebook rules! Includes: 10 different kinds of merfolk, including Eelfolk, Lobsterfolk, and Turtlefolk; Colorful, eye-catching illustrations; 5 Sample Adventures to get you going; Even more options compatible with the Pip System Corebook; Mermaid Adventures; revised requires the Pip System Corebook to play.

Scarred Lands from Onyx Path Publishing for 5th Edition D&D and Pathfinder, Now Available!

25 September, 2018

From the Onyx Path Publishing website:

A world known to its inhabitants as Scarn, the Scarred Lands is a place of dynamic heroism, supreme villainy, and incalculable magic. Torn and twisted by battles between the titans and their children, the young gods —fought largely by monstrous titanspawn pitted against humans, elves, dwarves, and other “divine races” — Scarn is a world still wounded deeply by the Divine War that took place less than two centuries ago.

The Scarred Lands has been a favored d20 system fantasy setting since the release of the Creature Collection in 2000. Over the next several years, over 40 titles were published for the Scarred Lands, making it one of the most fully supported fantasy RPG settings ever and the premiere product line of the former Sword & Sorcery Studios. Now, Onyx Path Publishing seeks to bring this cherished fantasy setting back to your gaming table!

Available for both 5th Edition and Pathfinder.

Buy it Now!


Fate of the Norns: Vanagard Game, Now available at your local retailer or online!

18 September, 2018

PNH0700 Fate of the Norns: Vanagard Game $49.98 <---- Buy it Now!

Vanagard is a collaborative storytelling game suitable for players of all ages. Family and friends get together to weave a story, drawing upon runes and cards for inspiration. Teamwork is required in order to beat certain challenges. With every struggle, an even greater story emerges! A game can be played in about 30 minutes. The box includes:

  • 10 Nature Cards
  • 51 Character Talent Cards
  • 24 Large Chapter Cards
  • 24 Treasure, Spell and Challenge cards
  • 12 Support tokens
  • 1 map gameboard
  • 1 Rune Set - 24 Futhark runes
  • Rulebook

Rotted Capes Survivor's Guide, Vol 1, Now available at your local retailer or online!

18 September, 2018

PCI3003 Rotted Capes Survivor's Guide, Vol 1 $19.99 <---- Buy it Now!

In a World Where Crime Takes a Bite Out of You

Your Hero is going to need additional powers to bring civilization back from the brink.

Within you will find:

New Power Sources -  Cosmic, Mystic, and Supernatural!

New Archetypes Including Aliens, Anthromorphs, and Demigods!

With New Skills, Advantages and Disadvantages, Power Modifications, Power Tricks and

Lots of New Powers!

New Rules for Superheroic Sorcery and much more!

Gamemaster’s Journal: Allies and Adversaries, Now available at your local retailer or online!

18 September, 2018

FGG6003 Gamemaster’s Journal: Allies and Adversaries $29.95 <---- Buy it Now!

The Gamemaster's Allies and Adversaries Journal is perfect for game designers, novelists, and especially gamemasters wanting to keep track of all non-player characters in their world. This product is designed as a blank journal for you to catalog all the various non-player characters you’ve created for your campaign world. The book is broken down into 6 chapters. Major Non-player Characters is for those important NPCs.  Minor Non-player Characters are important, but typically on a more personal level

General Non-player Characters are characters that are minor in your campaign, but the players will often meet more than once.  Simple Non-player Characters are typically one-time encounters or spare personalities you can use in a pinch.  Guilds & Organizations is a catch-all for any groups that several NPCs might belong, such as thieves guilds, royal families, adventuring parties, tribes, etc. The Family Tree section provides several blank forms for characters and NPCs that have important family ties to others in the setting. These are Simple, but space is given to expand upon.

Gamemaster’s Journal: Star Log, Now available at your local retailer or online!

18 September, 2018

FGG6003 Gamemaster’s Journal: Star Log $29.95 <---- Order it Now!

The Gamemaster's Star Log is perfect for game designers, novelists, and especially gamemasters. Build a solar system, design planets, and explore the geography of a moon or space station with this collection of forms, documents, and sheets created to cover all aspects of cosmic design. Use this journal to nicely print your notes and ideas in a clean compilation, or treat the journal as a scrapbook and write in the margins, glue in pictures, etc. It's perfect for any type of planetary design.

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