They Came from Beyond the Grave!, Now available on Kickstarter!

22 July, 2020

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Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall RPG, Now available on Kickstarter!

15 July, 2020

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Nightfell: Horror Fantasy Setting for 5th Edition, Now available on Kickstarter!

01 July, 2020

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Kradia: Wild Hunt Festival — A JRPG Board Game, Now available on Kickstarter!

24 June, 2020

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Project Infinite Hole: An R&D Sourcebox for the Paranoia RPG, Now available on Kickstarter!

24 June, 2020

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Sleep Tight - Print & Play, Now available on Kickstarter!

17 June, 2020

Exploriana, Now available at your local retailer or online!

18 May, 2020

TAGEXP001 Exploriana $34.99 <---- Buy it Now!

Welcome to a new age of Discovery! Set in the late 19th century Exploriana is an exciting push-your-luck game in which players compete to fi nd the greatest number of discoveries. Fantastic animals, strange and beautiful plants, fantastic treasures and ancient sites of lost civilisations all await discovery for the intrepid explorers! COMPONENTS:4 Game boards; 126 Cards; 39 Wooden tokens; 80 Cardboard tokens; 1 Custom die and 1 Rules Manual.

Flat Plastic Miniatures: Legendary Games’ Sampler, Now available at your local retailer or online!

30 March, 2020

ARCFLLGS-R Flat Plastic Miniatures: Legendary Games’ Sampler $30.00 <---- Buy it Now!

Arcknight’s Flat Plastic Miniatures are affordable, high quality plastic transparent standees. LEGENDARY GAMES SAMPLER is a mixed bag of 62 fantastic pieces of artwork plucked from numerous fantasy bestiaries by Legendary Games. From dragons and assassins, to mimics and plants, with everything in between, this huge pool of character pieces are a great addition to any fantasy game. Comes with a strip of 8 interchangeable bases that pop easily on and off, so the entire collection packs flat for easy storage and travel to conventions. Now thousands of gorgeous miniatures can be sorted and carried in no more than the size of a shoe box or bead tray. Highly durable; flexible, wet and dry erasable, impervious to spills and gone are the days of breaking off your favorite miniature’s arm. Designed to heroic 28mm scale, pieces are scaled appropriately to stand alongside traditional miniatures and are exceptional for filling out rare or missing pieces from your collection, as a one-shot solution for an entire set, or for children who may damage traditional miniatures. Some assembly is required, and an adult should discard the additional plastic sprue before it is safe for smaller children.

Now on Kickstarter from Onyx Path Publishing, the Legendlore RPG Setting for 5th Edition Fantasy Roleplaying!

17 March, 2020

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Now on Kickstarter from Heel Turn Games, Radiant: Offline Battle Arena: Champion Edition!

27 February, 2020

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