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Tales from the Rocket Age, Now available at your local retailer or online!

WNG0511 Tales from the Rocket Age $8.99 <---- Buy it Now!

Welcome to the Rocket Age! 

Inside you will find four stories from a Solar System that never was and a 1938 that should have been. Journey to Mars, scour the vastness of space, and face impossible odds battling criminals, rouge princes, and Nazis! 

Three Aces for the Dancer by Ed Greenwood

The Ghost Aces, an elite team of operatives, must lose a rocket ship, but not lose it too easily, in order to stop a Martian prince and his diabolical plot. 

Emancipation Knights by Ken Spencer 

Ed and Frank Knight, brothers with obviously different mothers, are on the case as the pair of P.I.s hunt down a stolen Deutsche Marserkorps war walker, murderers, and Emancipation's crime boss, Slate Mac. 

Spies, Lies and Allies by Andrew Peregrine 

Join inventor Marian Carlyle as she field tests her home built rocket ship in a race to stop a Nazi plot that threatens the peace of Earth and the Solar System as well! 

Casey Chester - Rocket Corps on Mars by James Spencer 

While in pursuit of a lost medallion, Lieutenant Casey Chester of the US Rocket Corps stumbles upon a Nazi secret, battles a fierce storm on the Great Silt Sea, and comes up against his deadliest foe yet.