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Curious Cats of Mau TTRPG from Onyx Path Publishing is Live Now on Backerkit!

Curious cats explore ruins and set sail on the Acid Sea, or participate in games of intrigue against other houses, the dogs of Pugmire, and other rival species. The world is full of mysteries and dangers, which excellent cats are eager to face.

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Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion from Pinnacle Entertainment Group is Live on Kickstarter!

Rules for starships, mechs, cyberware, weapons, gear, robots, and so much more for the Savage Worlds roleplaying game!

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Now on Kickstarter from Audio RPG, the Audiobook of the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition core book!

From the Kickstarter: 

"Do you already play Savage Worlds? Or have you always wanted to check it out? Here’s your chance to get up to speed more quickly than you ever imagined!"

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