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H. P. Lovecraft Preparatory Academy, Now available at your local retailer or online!

13 July, 2020

3EG3001 H. P. Lovecraft Preparatory Academy (PDQ System Edition) $30.00 <---- Buy it Now!

3EG3002 H. P. Lovecraft Preparatory Academy Hardcover (PDQ System Edition) $40.00 <---- Buy it Now!

3EG3003 H. P. Lovecraft Preparatory Academy (Savage Worlds Adventure Edition) $25.00 <---- Buy it Now!

3EG4005 H. P. Lovecraft Preparatory Academy (Pip System Edition) $25.00 <---- Buy it Now!

 As a student at the prestigious H.P. Lovecraft Preparatory Academy, you’ll uncover conspiracies, deal with bullies and uncaring professors, explore dangerous steam tunnels, study for exams, escape from horrible monstrosities that humanity was never meant to see, and try to avoid an extended stay at Arkham Sanitarium. And that's just orientation week! A semi-humorous RPG in the tradition of Saturday morning cartoons featuring mystery-busting kids…only the monsters are real.  Features a detailed sandbox environment on the campus of a haunted New England boarding school.  Six different Student Types to choose from, including Witches, Summoners, or Mad Scientists.  Design your own faculty! Want Dr. Frankenstein to be the new Biology professor? No problem!  Thanks to the medical breakthroughs developed by Dr. West in the school infirmary, your character can’t die…but sanity is another matter entirely. Tons of optional rules to customize your individual game.

Sagas & Six-Guns, Now available at your local retailer or online!

06 May, 2020

GKGRBG001 Sagas & Six-Guns $24.99 <---- Buy it Now!

Sagas & Six-Guns is a Savage Worlds Adventure Edition setting and rulebook about a mythical and uninhabited frontier settled by Scandinavian cultures. A mash-up of the Old West and the Old Norse, Sagas & Six-Guns is what happens when Beowulf takes on Grendel with a pair of six-shooters and his trusty axe.  Your heroes will battle everything from cattle rustlers and train robbers, to trolls and maybe even a dragon.  You can be anything from a mundane pistolero or gunmaiden, to a runecasting seer, to a Valkyrie cut off from Asgard.  The setting and rule-book is written by Robert Buckey, who has teamed up with GALLANT KNIGHT GAMES. The game utilizes the Savage World: Adventure Edition ruleset. You do need the Savage World: Adventure Edition rulebook to play this game.