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Thunderscape: Law & Destiny - A Guide to Arbiters & Seers, Now available at your local retailer or online!

KYG030004 Thunderscape: Law & Destiny - A Guide to Arbiters & Seers $19.99 <---- Order Now!

In the chaos that has gripped the Known Lands since the Darkfall brought ruin, there are but a handful of those who stand against the madness and ensure that order reigns. The arbiters, scions of justice and law, stand ready to defend those who cannot defend themselves. The seers, once a powerful order but virtually eradicated on the eve of the Darkfall, seek only to find the truth of what has happened and, in doing so, bring hope back to the world. Neither task will be simple, but these are not ordinary men and women. These are heroes. Law & Destiny is the third in a series of sourcebooks that more closely examine the base classes of the Thunderscape: the World of Aden campaign setting! In this installment, you will find not only extensive mechanical support for the Arbiter and Seer classes, but a wealth of new options that any class can make use of, including archetypes, spells, feats, equipment, and more!

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