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Earthdawn: Questors, Now available at your local retailer or online!

07 January, 2019

FAS14203 Earthdawn: Questors $29.95 <---- Order Now!

Devoted followers of the Passions, questors are the connection between the people of Barsaive and these mysterious, powerful beings. This sourcebook for Earthdawn explores the role of questors in Barsaive, giving you insight on their way of thinking. It also provides rules creating and playing these devotees of the Passions in your game.

Earthdawn Companion, Now available at your local retailer or online!

14 December, 2018

FAS14103 Earthdawn Companion $44.95 <---- Buy it now!

The Earthdawn Companion provides expanded the rules for players and gamemasters, taking the adventure beyond Eighth Circle. Introducing new challenges, talent knacks, and other tools needed to forge your legend and make your story and epic tale that will be carried into the next age.