About Us

Studio 2 is really three different companies in one.

First and foremost, Studio 2 is a sales/marketing and fulfillment service for other companies that need those services. Sales and marketing includes all efforts to get your product to the marketplace and maximize your sales potential. Studio 2 sells globally and covers many different marketplaces, from small market "Mom and Pop" stores to book trade to mass and global marketplaces, and even the exploding internet sales market. Studio 2 can offer many different levels of sales and marketing services for companies that have very specific needs. Along with sales and marketing, Studio 2 has fulfillment services that can be adjusted to specific needs as well. Warehousing, shipping, logistics, invoicing, accounting and collections are some of the services that Studio 2 provides within the framework of the fulfillment end our business.

Secondly, Studio 2 is a publisher in the traditional sense of the word. We are looking for partners that have a need to get their product to the marketplace and don't have the resources to get the product produced. With our experience in print and part buying, Studio 2 can get virtually any product made, leaving your company to do what it does best - create. Let Studio 2 take care of printing, manufacturing, shipping, invoicing, and collecting for your creation. In return, Studio 2 will send off a detailed accounting along with payment making it as easy as possible for the part of business that is the hardest to accomplish for many companies.

Finally, Studio 2 is a manufacturer itself, creating many exciting new products and bringing them to the marketplace. At this time, Studio 2 is concentrating on producing items for the adventure game market and collectibles market, with games, accessories and specialty items releasing quarterly. Studio 2 also works with some of the most respected names in the industry to produce quality licensed products that exceed marketplace expectations.