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America Falling: The Coming Civil War, Now available at your local retailer or online!

OSS21703 America Falling: The Coming Civil War (Absent Superpower Series) $79.95 <---- Order it now!

America Falling enables two players to simulate the entire first year of a hypothesized near-future civil war--brought on by whatever is your own favorite reason--across all of the lower-48 states. 

One player commands the conservative "Red" forces while the other leads the liberal "Blue" forces. The rules also allow for the possibility of local separatist movements erupting independently of those two main factions, including: The Republic of Texas, The Islamic State in America (ISIA), New Jerusalem, Aztlan, La Raza, Aryan Nation, New Afrika, Ecotopia, and The LGBTQ Rainbow Coalition. 

Conflict can take place with conventional armaments as well as Weapons of Mass Destruction. Cyberwarfare is a constant.