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Cities in Shadow, Now available at your local retailer or online!

12 November, 2018

GKG008 Cities in Shadow $25.00 <---- Buy it now!

    A supplement for Cold Shadows, Cities in Shadow details espionage hotspots around the world.  Written by some of the best roleplaying game writers in the industry, Cities in Shadow is a high level look at the locales and environments that make espionage stories so compelling!  Make the cities your campaign takes place in characters in their own right!

Demonworld Miniatures: Elf Army Book, Now available at your local retailer or online!

12 November, 2018

FAS41004 Demonworld Miniatures: Elf Army Book $19.95 <---- Buy it Now!

It has been twenty years since the demons returned. The Elves of Iconessa have been wandering the lands of the humans and Dwarves without a home to call their own. Once proud and mighty, the Ilah Ri and Thanaril have been forcibly humbled, but not brought low just yet. They are slowly gathering their resources and devising a plan to take back the forest that was once theirs. It may take decades to drive out the filth of the demons, but they have many centuries of life to give to the cause.

Amazing Tales: A Game for Children Who Love Adventures, Now available at your local retailer or online!

12 November, 2018

AMZ001 Amazing Tales: A Game for Children Who Love Adventures $19.95 <---- Buy it Now!

Amazing Tales is a roleplaying game, written to be played by children aged four and over together with their parents. With your child you will create an amazing tale, in about the time it takes to read a bedtime story. Your child invents a hero, and decides what they will do at every step, while you conjure up a world of adventure. At key moments the dice will decide if the hero succeeds. In the book you will find: The short and simple Amazing Tales rules. So simple a four year old will be able to explain them. Flexible enough to cope with the most imaginative requests. Advice on creating Amazing Tales with your child. Covering the specific challenges of making up stories that work for kids, different ways of handling fights in children's games and ways to keep magic magic. Four sample settings for Amazing Tales, each with suggested characters and skills, tips for story tellers and ten story seeds - ideas just waiting to become Amazing Tales.

     Amazing Tales can be played with a single six sided dice. But a set of four dice with six, eight, ten and twelve sides are recommended. Amazing Tales was written to be played sitting at a table, curled up on a sofa or snuggled up in bed by a parent and one or two children. Amazing Tales lets your children make up any kind of character they want, such as aliens, robots, dinosaurs, fairies, knights, cowboys or superheroes. Amazing Tales was also designed to require no preparation on the parent's side. If your children are in the mood for a game you can grab the dice and get started. The 96 page hardback book features 28 pages of full colour illustrations and is embellished with black and white line drawings throughout. Perfect for sharing with adventurous children to inspire their adventures.

America Falling: The Coming Civil War, Now available at your local retailer or online!

29 October, 2018

OSS21703 America Falling: The Coming Civil War (Absent Superpower Series) $79.95 <---- Order it now!

America Falling enables two players to simulate the entire first year of a hypothesized near-future civil war--brought on by whatever is your own favorite reason--across all of the lower-48 states. 

One player commands the conservative "Red" forces while the other leads the liberal "Blue" forces. The rules also allow for the possibility of local separatist movements erupting independently of those two main factions, including: The Republic of Texas, The Islamic State in America (ISIA), New Jerusalem, Aztlan, La Raza, Aryan Nation, New Afrika, Ecotopia, and The LGBTQ Rainbow Coalition. 

Conflict can take place with conventional armaments as well as Weapons of Mass Destruction. Cyberwarfare is a constant. 


Gamemaster’s Journal: Monster Memoir, Now available at your local retailer or online!

29 October, 2018

FGG6005 Gamemaster’s Journal: Monster Memoir $29.95 <---- Order Now!

The Gamemaster's Monster Memoir is designed as a journal for you to catalogue all the various beasts and monstrosities you've designed for your world. Each chapter offers various blank forms and documents to help detail all the information you need for your games.

Chapter 1 - Legendary Monsters: Here you will find those major monsters of your campaign. World serpents, demigods and giant kings, dragons, and liches. You have plenty of room for details, stats, and of course their lairs.

Chapter 2 - Standard Monsters: These forms are single page documents that should give you plenty of room to include all the stats and details needed for most common creatures, the format often found in most bestiaries.

Chapter 3 - Monster Collection: These forms are for you to quickly document creatures you have included in your campaign from various published materials. You can list the name, book the creature is located in, page number, and notes.

Chapter 4 - Monster Documents: The final chapter includes various forms you will nd useful when dealing with creatures. These include documents for creating site-based encounters, customised random encounter charts, and some hex and square maps for your use. 

Gamemaster’s Journal: Adventure Planner, Now available at your local retailer or online!

29 October, 2018

FGG6004 Gamemaster’s Journal: Adventure Planner $29.95 <---- Order Now!

This product is a bit different than the others in the Gamemaster Journal line, it does collect a bunch of useful forms for you to design adventures with, but it also works as a blank template modeled after most standard adventures. The first section of the book includes forms for recording game sessions, outlining and planning events and encounters, as well as designing major locations. The second section of the book is broken down like a standard adventure, with areas for the adventure background, introduction, and then each part of the adventure (4). It concludes with sections for your adventure NPCs and monsters, as well as maps.

Delta Green: A Night at the Opera, Now available at your local retailer or online!

29 October, 2018

APU8115 Delta Green: A Night at the Opera $39.99 <---- Buy it Now!

HORROR NEVER DIES. “A Night at the Opera” collects six Delta Green operations, or “nights at the opera” as agents sometimes call them. Each scenario stands on its own as a moment of terror. Combined, they expose agents to the edges of the horrors of the world of Delta Green, then suck them into abysses of fear and desperation from which the world itself may never emerge. REVERBERATIONS: An introductory scenario in which the agents confront foes that were old before Delta Green was born. VISCID: Investigating a geneticist’s gruesome death, the agents face lethal conspiracies and uncover horrors that never should have been made. MUSIC FROM A DARKENED ROOM: The agents must investigate a house that may be haunted by things more terrifying than ghosts. EXTREMOPHILIA: Can the agents stop the spread of an unnatural threat? Or will they become just another vector for the disease? THE STAR CHAMBER: The agents must hear and adjudicate the horrific after-action report from another team—by way of playing out scenes from the earlier mission in between scenes of the present day. OBSERVER EFFECT: The agents investigate a cutting-edge physics laboratory that may have looked a little too deeply into the nature of reality. An index helps the Handler build broader connections between horrors in the campaign. “A Night at the Opera” is playable with “Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game,” an award-winning update to one of the most acclaimed RPG series of all time.

Dungeon Tiles - Earthtone sets, Now available at your local retailer or online!

15 October, 2018

R4I45011 Dungeon Tiles - Earthtone - Pack of 9 ten inch squares $39.99 <----Order Now!

R4I45012 Dungeon Tiles - Earthtone - Pack of 36 five inch squares $39.99 <----order Now!

R4I45013 Dungeon Tiles Earthtone Combo Pack $39.99 <----Order Now!

R4I45014 Dungeon Tiles - Earthtone - Pack of 33 six inch hexagons $39.99 <----Order Now!

Further expanding Role 4 Initiative’s line of Dungeon Tiles is our new Earthtone pattern.  Make your game’s arid setting come to life with a realistic dry earth texture --  perfect for indoor or outdoor adventures in any rule system. Compatible with both dry-erase and wet-erase markers.  More flexible than a traditional battle mat, start your game with a single tile and connect the tiles as the adventurers explore new areas.  Never again give away clues as to which way the corridors may lead due to starting placement on a large mat.  The interlocking tile modularity allows the Dungeon Master to draw many details of an area at his seat and then simply hand the tile to the nearest player to connect.  Take advantage of the double-side feature by pre-drawing map features before the game and only revealing tiles as they are encountered. You can draw one side as it appears naturally, and the other side that shows all the hidden traps and magic features when they are triggered. 

Ogre Gate: House of Paper Shadows, Now available at your local retailer or online!

15 October, 2018

BED9005 Ogre Gate: House of Paper Shadows $19.99 <----Order Now!

In the southern lands of Hai’an, The House of Paper Shadows looms… Inside the walls of the House of Paper Shadows, adventurers encounter halls of flesh and paper, spirited beasts and an assortment of other horrors. Some may discover gateways to the past and the dark root of a terrible curse. The House’s chambers are deadly and guarded by shadows that are more than they seem. The House of Paper Shadows is a wuxia-horror adventure for Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate. It includes a complete map and description of the Shadow House which features new monsters, traps, characters, Kung Fu Techniques, and a mini-time travel mystery adventure. 

Thunderscape: Lost Lexicon, Part 2 - Radiant Demise, Now available at your local retailer or online!

02 October, 2018

KYG020002 Thunderscape: Lost Lexicon, Part 2 - Radiant Demise $19.99 <---- Order Now!

  The sleep little village of Murdoch’s Cove has a secret. Foul monsters talk the swamp, haunting ancient ruins and preying upon the villagers. The Knights of the Radiant Order are sworn to protect the cove, but they can barely protect themselves from this mysterious new threat. A strange journal holds the key to the truth, but its contents are cloaked in impenetrable code. The player characters, along with an old friend, are soon dragged into the center of this mystery. Can they find the truth and save the village from a mad scientist’s vengeance before it’s too late?