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Ancient Tombs for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, Now available at your local retailer or online!

LGP217MU05SW Ancient Tombs (Savage Worlds Adventure Edition) $12.99 <---- Buy it Now

 Among the Dead. Ancient Tombs provides a wealth of knowledge to enhance your Savage Worlds Adventure Edition campaign wherever your heroes are delving into the funereal grounds and burial chambers of the ancient dead. You'll find within a detailed exploration of tombs of all types from both history and fantasy, with tables and detailed descriptions to create tomb treasures of every kind, from the ransacked graves of peasants to the pyramids of kings! Of course, tombs should not go unguarded, and you'll find tomb hazards like the hungry sarcophagus haunt and pharaoh's fall trap, alongside guardian creatures like the grave warden and mummified zombie templates and the versatile graven guardians You'll also find two new Edges: Sleeper in Dust and Mechanical Genius.