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Tiny Taverns, Now available at your local retailer or online!

GKG046 Tiny Taverns $24.99 <---- Buy it Now!

   Introducing a new way to play the Tiny D6 engine, Tiny Taverns is a roleplaying game about the slice-of-life daily adventures of tavern proprietors in a high fantasy setting. Instead of warriors, wizards, and thieves, player characters are bartenders, performers, servers, chefs, or even bouncers… who also happen to be warriors, wizards, and thieves! Whether defending the tavern from monsters, breaking up bar brawls, or just trying to get through a tough night, characters solve their problems using wits, fists, or a kind word. With a focus on character relationships to provide story hooks, unique heritages and traits specifically tailored for tavern adventures, a chore system and a hectic tavern service mode, social combat rules, hunting and cooking mini-games, an “episode generator” for on-the-fly storytelling, and evolving lore that players invent as they play, there’s no end to the adventures you’ll find in your very own tiny tavern!