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Gamemaster’s Journal: Cartographer’s Companion, Now available at your local retailer or online!

20 August, 2018

FGG6001 Gamemaster’s Journal: Cartographer’s Companion $29.95 <----Order Now! 

The Cartographer’s Companion is the premier map journal for Gamemasters, Game Designers, and those who just love the art of Cartography. Each chapter provides an area for you to name the map location, write down notes, and of course draw out your map on the provided graph paper page. Each chapter covers a different type of map and includes different types and scale-sized graph paper for your use. The last chapter of this book provides full spread graph paper of both squares and hexes for large terrain/dungeon, city, and world maps.

The Gamemaster's Worldbuilding Journal, Now available at your local retailer or online!

20 August, 2018

FGG6000 The Gamemaster's Worldbuilding Journal $29.95 <----Order Now! 

The Gamemaster's Worldbuilding Journal is perfect for game designers, novelists, and especially gamemasters. Build nations, design kingdoms, and explore the geography of your realms with this collection of forms, documents, and sheets created to cover all aspects of world design.

Use this tome to nicely print your notes and ideas in a clean compilation, or treat the journal as a scrapbook and write in the margins, glue in pictures, etc. It's perfect for any type of world building.

Esper Genesis: Core Manual for 5th Edition, Now available at your local retailer or online!

20 August, 2018

AAE3100 Esper Genesis: Core Manual (5E) $49.95 <----Order Now!

Science Fiction Comes to Fifth Edition! This beautifully illustrated 304 page hardcover volume is a complete game that does not require any other products to play, but is entirely compatible with 5e and will mesh with any 5e products. This details the races, classes, backgrounds, equipment, combat rules, esper powers and more.The other 2 core rulebooks, the Threats Database and Master Technician's Guide will follow in the fall.

SHARD RPG: Magic and Martial Arts, Now available at your local retailer or online!

08 August, 2018

SSD10120 SHARD RPG: Magic and Martial Arts $29.99 <----Order Now!

  The Devah gaze down upon magician and warrior alike. Welcome back to Dárdünah, World of the False Dawn! With this expansion of the basic rules for the SHARD RPG we shed more light on the mysterious and arcane works of the sorcerous sir’hibasi and all the mystic Disciplines of their craft, we flesh out the many exciting and varied styles of martial arts that have risen from the honored ways of warriors and priests, and we present ninety new animal player races to choose from when building your character!

Guide to the Ministry of Unusual Affairs for the Ubiquity System, Now available at your local retailer or online!

07 August, 2018

TAG20216 Guide to the Ministry of Unusual Affairs (Ubiquity) $16.99 <----Order Now!

  Working behind the scenes to protect the British Empire from these insidious threats is the Ministry of Unusual Affairs. Inside this handbook you’ll discover the centuries-long history of the Ministry, tour the many departments responsible for fighting evil, explore how to borrow contents from the Ministry’s fabled Collection of arcane relics, and be taught how to cover up supernatural occurrences for reasons of public safety. You’ll even get to meet some of the many agents who defend Great Britain and her colonies against supernatural threats.

Deniable RPG, Now available at your local retailer or online!

07 August, 2018

SWGDEN001 Deniable RPG $14.99 <----Order Now!

  AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Deniable is the very British satirical story game for small groups. It tips its hat to wonderfully wicked British TV espionage series such as Spy, The Wrong Mans, Dad’s Army, and movies like Snatch and Attack The Block… but it’s so much more! It’s all about decidedly average - well, less than average - people coerced into doing odd jobs for a shadowy espionage organisation. It revels in the lives of little people caught up in big events, and of small drama made into epics fiascos. The game not only has players taking on the roles of protagonists, but also the family, friends, lovers and other extras that get in the way of a simple life.

     With Deniable, you be laughing until you cry! 108 rulebook, including walkthrough and extensive example of play. Printable and online character sheets. Access to free playbooks (treatments). Zero prep gaming for 3-4 players (no, really!). Fast: plays in around 2 hours per episode. Mimics British tv dramas, so you know it's good. All wrapped up to deliver hilarious satire...

Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium for both Pathfinder and 5th Edition, Now available at your local retailer or online!

07 August, 2018


LGP340KB105E Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium (5E) $49.99 <---- Order Now!

LGP340KB10PF Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium (Pathfinder)  $49.99 <----Order Now!

Into the Woods! Step under the shadowed boughs of the forest realm to find a wild world of magic, mystery, monsters, and more! From the misty boreal taiga of the cold northern reaches to wondrous glades of enchanting fey beauty, the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium from Legendary Games offers a wealth of amazing expansions for your wilderness campaign. If your heroes are heading into the woods, this is richly detailed and lavishly illustrated book is a resource you don't want to be without! The Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium is packed with great material for players and GMs alike, the perfect companion for any wilderness campaign to help Make Your Game Legendary!

Ecology of the Wood Booger for Pathfinder, Now available at your local retailer or online!

07 August, 2018

ICO1201 Ecology of the Wood Booger (Pathfinder) $3.99 <----Order Now!

  In the rural hollers of Harmonia, parents goad their youngsters to behave with threats that a hairy man-like primate called the Wood Booger absconds with bad children in the night. Ecology of the Wood Booger is everything you need to bring this Sasquatch-like cryptid into your campaign. Complete with stat block, adventure hooks, loot table, and information on the society of wood boogers. Their kin, another cryptid known as the devil monkey, is also fleshed out within these pages, including a ready-to-play encounter with a full-page map.

Alien Evolution: Cosmic Race Guidebook for Starfinder, Now available at your local retailer or online!

07 August, 2018

FGG5002 Alien Evolution: Cosmic Race Guidebook (Starfinder) $29.95 <----Order Now!

Alien Evolutions is a line of books intended to bring outlandish alien creatures to life in your game. Each book will explore myriad topics regarding creatures from distant planets, whether that be playable races, monsters to encounter, world descriptions, or various other things related. The Cosmic Race Guidebook is a book intended to give the GM and players 25 new playable races with unique physiologies and abilities. Creatures from the aerial Abrial to the free-floating-nervous- system-encased-in-armor Uavaryon should present something enticing for anyone to play.

Colonial Gothic Atlas, Now available at your local retailer or online!

23 July, 2018

RGG6102 Colonial Gothic Atlas $49.99 <----Order Now!

The New World.


A seductive song beckons to all those willing to travel to the New World and make it their own. Newcomers arrive daily on its shores to make a new start. Many come seeking the freedom to practice their religious beliefs free from persecution. Others, still, seek to exploit the new land's abundant resources to make themselves rich beyond their dreams. It is a place of great opportunity, where history will be made, a land filled with promise and hope... but also one of mystery and danger, with an ancient and dark history of its own waiting to be discovered. 


Welcome to the New World.


The Colonial Gothic Atlas is your indispensable resource of the lands, people, and history of the Americas. Everything you need to know when it comes to setting your Colonial Gothic games in the New World is found here. 


In this book you will find maps and information covering:


* Each of the Thirteen Colonies

* The Province of Maine 

* New France

* East and West Florida

* The Caribbean Islands

* The Native people who have been here long before European arrival

* Glossaries

* The machinations of the secret societies and organizations working in the shadows


Written by Gabriel Brouillard, Graeme Davis, and Richard Iorio, this book builds upon everything that has come before and opens up new possibilities for the brave and foolhardy.


The New World awaits you! Do not wonder in fear at the dangers of the unknown or what might lurk in the shadows of the unexplored. You'll likely discover them in due course...

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