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TORG Eternity: Crackling Tales of the Nile Empire Anthology

$ 15.99

  The Nile Empire is a realm of thrilling heroics, dastardly villains, and the heightened action and drama of pulp serials! It‘s ruled by Pharaoh Mobius, or Doctor Mobius to those who knew him as a master villain in his home cosm of Terra. His empire now reaches to Earth, where he rules from Egypt to the Congo. Masked heroes rise to battle the villain, free Core Earth from Mobius’ grip, and prevent him from attaining the ultimate power of becoming Torg! This collection includes classic stories from writers Matt Forbeck, Shane Lacy Hensley, Bill Slavicsek, John Terra, and Stewart Wieck - updated to fit the events unfolding in Torg Eternity and including game statistics for the villains found within! Adventure beckons!