TORG Eternity: Nile Empire - the Fires of Ra, Now available at your local retailer or online!

16 September, 2019

ULIUNA10047 TORG Eternity: Nile Empire - the Fires of Ra $29.99 <---- Buy it Now!

    An insane weapon of war ... The Fires of Ra is a massive adventure suitable for several months of gaming. Get drawn into Doctor Mobius‘ schemes, and follow a trail from Cairo to the far reaches of the realm that leads to Mobius‘ invincible flying fortress! Mobius isn‘t the only one with dastardly plans. Battle a bevy of bad guys on the way to an aerial showdown. Can you stop the Fires of Ra from burning entire cities into ash? INSIDE YOU‘LL FIND: • A massive Seven Act extended adventure that crosses the different regions of the Nile Empire. • Stop the Nile Empire from expanding its borders--or fall to its flying super weapon. • New foes to face and vehicles to fly!

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