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Ninja Crusade: Empire's Reign, Now available at your local retailer or online!

14 May, 2018

Ninja Crusade: Empire's Reign <----Order it Today!

The Emperor Will Lead Us…

Born of loyalty and a sense of patriotism, the Izou Army isn’t made up of mindless, faceless foot soldiers. Each one is a living, breathing being fighting for what they think is right. That happens to be working toward the eradication of all ninja, putting them face-to-face with magical enemies who wield deadly forces. The Izou Army has a few tricks up it’s sleeve though.

…To A Victory Like Never Before.

Empire’s Reign is the fourth sourcebook for The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition and explores the secrets of the Izou Army. Learn about the Emperor’s strategic military locations, and the special units he has under his control, like the Executioners, the Silver Blades or the Iron Breakers. The war has dwindled in past years, but it the powder keg has already been lit.

Ironclaw: The Book of Horn & Ivory, Now available at your local game store or online!

14 May, 2018

Ironclaw: The Book of Horn & Ivory <----Order it Today!

Far removed from the feuding dynasties of Calabria and the celestial bureacracy of Zhōngguǒ is the great continent of Akoma. At the point of the arrow which its jeweled coastline forms is Lygos, seat of the Anatolian Empire, the most powerful state in the world; and in Lygos is the palace of the Caliph, emperor of Anatolia and leader of the fast-spreading religion of Malachism. The world’s most disciplined army and most feared navy move at the behest of the Caliph. Already, Anatolia has conquered the ancient Deltan Kingdom and secured the vassalage of the nation of Ọ̀yọ́ and the pirate states of the Corsair Coast.


The Book of Horn & Ivory adds new options to your Ironclaw campaign:

New species to play: crocodiles, giraffes, ibis, vultures, wildebeests, zebra and more

New organizations, like the Janissary sell-swords, the mystic Malachites, and the forbidden Black Angels

New places to visit: the great Anatolian Empire, the freebooting Corsair States, and the opulent Deltan Sultanate

New adventures, from strange and diverting side-quests, to grand sagas of intrigue, skulduggery, and all-out war.

Oathbound Beastiary (Pathfinder), Now available at your local game store or online!

30 April, 2018

EPB1006 Oathbound Beastiary $79.99 <---Order Now

Hail stranger, do you possess the will to come and lay your eyes upon your doom? Step inside if you dare, and bear witness to the foulest compendium the Forge has to offer! From across the seven domains, beasts and horrors have been gathered, dissected, and brought into the light of day. From the battle tactics of the colossal Sand Strider to the mating habits of the lowly Death Moss, all the knowledge you need to keep your thread of life intact is here for your taking. Come experience the bloodthirsty rage of the Karnos and the twisted machinations of the Palethian, shudder at their skills, and study their weaknesses.
     The Oathbound Bestiary is the official monster compendium for Oathbound for Pathfinder. It is a companion to the core book (Oathbound Seven), and includes over 200 distinct stat blocks. Every monster in the book is presented as three distinctly different variant creatures designed for different power levels, giving them an incredible flexibility and utility for all sorts of situations. These levels are not simply upgrades, but distinct versions, each with new tricks up its sleeve. You will find three distinct, re-envisioned, and revitalized versions of each of the classic Oathbound monsters, plus many entirely new creatures, and tons of updated art, ideas, and stats. Full color, 256 pages, hardback. The Forge awaits you.

Clockwork & Cthulhu, Now available at your local game store or online!

30 April, 2018

CW00104 Clockwork & Cthulhu $44.99 <---Order Now

  Horror Roleplaying in the world of Clockwork & Chivalry. England has descended into civil war. The earth is tainted by alchemical magick. Giant clockwork war machines lumber across the land. In the remote countryside, witches terrorise entire villages, while in the hallowed halls of great universities, natural philosophers uncover the secrets of nature. War, plague and religious division make people’s lives a constant misery. But even greater threats exist. Witches whisper of the old gods. Royalist alchemists pore over John Dee’s forbidden translation of the Necronomicon, dreaming of powers that will allow them to win the war. Parliamentarian engineers consult with creatures from beyond the crystal spheres and build blasphemous mechanisms, unholy monuments to their alien overlords. Vast inter-dimensional beings seek entry into the world, while their human servants, corrupted, crazed and enslaved, follow the eldritch agendas of their hidden masters.

Clockwork & Cthulhu brings the horror of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos to the 17th century alternate historical fantasy world of Clockwork & Chivalry. Inside you will find:

  • Mythos creatures and gods, cults and secret societies for 17th century England.
  • New rules for Mental Damage in the Renaissance system.
  • Three complete scenarios which take the Adventurers into the rain-shrouded Coniston Fells, the shifting sands of Morecambe Bay, and the corridors of the Royalist court at Oxford.

Uses the Renaissance D100 Rules. But you’ll get more out of the setting, and more character options, if you have access to the Clockwork & Chivalry 2nd Edition Core Rulebook.

Spirit of 77: Greatest Hits Vol 1, Now available at your local game store or online!

30 April, 2018

MFSWW103 Spirit of 77 - Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 $20.00 <---Order Now

Spirit of 77 is bringing you Greatest Hits, Vol. 1! Six of your favorite Spirit of 77 adventures brought together into one softcover compilation: Guns of Brixton; Jukebox Villains; BEAST: Bound and Down; Disco Ambulance; Nine Lives in the Fast Lane; Women's Prison of the Apes.

Service Bots and Synthetic Companions(Starfinder), Now available at your local game store or online!

16 April, 2018

FGG5001 Cosmic Odyssey: Service Bots and Synthetic Companions $19.95 <----Order Now

Who doesn’t want a robotic sidekick to join them as they traverse the stars? Well Cosmic Odyssey: Service Bots & Synthetic Companions has you covered!
     Cosmic Odyssey is a line of Starfinder Roleplaying Game compatible products designed to give you, as both a player and as a gamemaster, all the tools you need to fully explore a classic motif of science fiction with new character options, equipment and vessels, as well as a location and NPCs. Designed to be dropped into your existing game, or to serve as a starting point for your adventures, each Cosmic Odyssey is ready-made for action.

     In Service Bots & Synthetic Companions we bring you all the rules you need for building your very own robot pal as well as several pre-made Service Bots, or SBs. These synthetic companions exist in a space outside the fully-autonomous android race and the advanced machine companions of the mechanic class’s drones. Instead, our SBs are robotic companions for everyone (that can afford them). And, rather than just generic rules, an entire corporate world of competing manufacturers with different goals and ideals — as well as of course designs — is presented to provide gamemasters with a rich tapestry of backdrops and plot hooks, as well as to give players more flavorful companions then just a string of letters and numbers for their robotic buddies.

Leagues of Gothic Horror Expansion, Now available at your local game store or online!

16 April, 2018

TAG20212 Leagues of Gothic Horror Expansion $17.99 <----Order Now

 Whether you are a dedicated monster-hunter or drawn toward the occult by happenstance, prepare to delve deeper into the darkness and face the countless horrors that lie in wait! This sourcebook is a major expansion for the critically acclaimed Leagues of Gothic Horror setting. Inside you will find more options for gypsies and their evil cousins, the Szgany, a plethora of supernatural sites to explore, more things that go bump in the night, and new unique villains and heroes.


Leagues of Gothic Horror: Guide to Vampires, Now available at your local game store or online!

16 April, 2018

TAG20211 Leagues of Gothic Horror:  Guide to Vampires $13.99 <----Order Now


Count Dracula may be the most well known vampire, but he is far from the only bloodsucker to set his appetite on mankind. Learn now of the dark brood that haunts the darkness of night! This sourcebook is a detailed guide to vampires and other bloodsuckers for the Ubiquity roleplaying system. Contents include an overview of mankind’s nature of vampires & means by which they may be created & destroyed, a list of fearsome powers for customizing vampires, a bestiary of bloodsuckers from around the globe, and a number of unique vampires.

1879 Big Trouble in Little Soho, Now available at your local game store or online!

16 April, 2018

FAS52401 Big Trouble in Little Soho, The Akkadian Connection Book One $13.99 <----Order Now

Someone is making a very dangerous drug in the East End, snuff that grants explosive strength. Of course it's in the wrong hands. Who's making it? What are they making it from? Where's the money going? Why have you been asked to look into it? Best see to your gear, and make sure you've got the best team you can assemble. This is trouble the Peelers can't handle, and it's likely to lead to some far too interesting places. Intrigue, fist fights, clockwork computers, dangerous chemistry and ancient writings – this one's got all the makings of a story you won't be able to tell your grandchildren until it's declassified! You'll need the 1879 Player's Guide and the 1879 GM's Guide to run this adventure. A copy of London, or The Haunted City, might be useful.

Delta Green: Extremophilia, Now available at your local game store or online!

16 April, 2018

APU8111 Delta Green: Extremophilia $19.99 <----Order Now

A secretive research company has developed a miracle drug, only to learn that every miracle has its price. Delta Green agents may be the ones to pay it. Delta Green: Extremophilia brings the agents to Helena, Montana, where people are going insane and dying of a bizarre fungal infection. But this is no fungus that ever evolved on Earth. It’s something far older, far stranger, and far more dangerous. Can the agents stop the spread of this terrifying threat? Or will they become just another vector for the disease?  Gather your players. Horror, suspense, intrigue, death, and strange wonders await. Delta Green: Extremophilia is a scenario for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. It is playable with Delta Green: Need to Know or Delta Green: Agent's Handbook, available from Arc Dream Publishing.

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