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Gamemaster Codex (5E), Now available at your local retailer or online!

RGC0107 Gamemaster Codex (5E) $24.95 <----Order Now!.

For use with the 5th Edition rules of the world's oldest Fantasy RPG. Run 5th Edition Fantasy games on the fly! The Gamemaster Codex is an 8.5x11", 32 page old-school booklet of useful tools to use during your game. Use these rules and resources to craft stories on the fly and help your games run faster! It is loaded with charts to create quick non-player characters with stat blocks, generate locations, determine loot such as treasure and magic items, and construct interesting combat encounters with no advanced preparation. Not prepared for an adventure you’re running? The Low-Prep Adventures section has 10 instant adventure types to jump start your game. Need an encounter or event to toss at players after they’ve ignored your pre-planned adventure ideas? No worries, the Gamemaster Codex has tools to create everything from hexcrawl adventures to ad hoc tavern brawls.