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Savage Rifts® North America: Empires of Humanity for SWADE, Now available at your local retailer or online!

S2P11212 Savage Rifts® North America: Empires of Humanity SWADE $39.99 <---- Buy it Now!

Savage Worlds Rifts® North America: Empires of Humanity shines the spotlight on the sci-fi aspects of Rifts®. New Mutant Animal races expand beyond Dog Boys while a new Iconic Framework allows players to design their own robot characters from scratch. Treatment Edges offer state-of-the-art possibilities for Juicers while expanded Combat and Professional Edges give gunfighters and mercenaries their day in the sun. 

Extensive new gear options and rules—for power armor, vehicles, guns, explosives, cybernetics, bots, and more—give players and Game Masters more toys than they can handle. The intrigue-laden Plot Point Campaign Ex Machina reveals the hidden history of the Great Cataclysm to the players, while new Savage Tales and over 20 new foes give Game Masters more technological threats to unleash on the Tomorrow Legion.  

This book requires the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rules to play.