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Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Ed (DGS and Savage Worlds) Now on Kickstarter



Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Ed (DGS and Savage Worlds)

Join API and defend the world from annihilation between coffee breaks. Includes updated rules and more demons for DGS and Savage Worlds

Third Eye Games is launching a 2nd Edition of their iconic, flagship RPG, Apocalypse Prevention, Inc., rebuilt from the ground up and packed with more action, horror and fun! Also includes additional material for API Savage Worlds.

In API2E, players take the role of agents working for a shadowy corporation defending the Earth from the various beings who want to destroy it and the entire dimension. This includes monsters and demons from other worlds, as well as those of the domestic flavor. Those demons who choose to call Earth their home and live in (some) harmony with humanity have been invited to join API. The company takes in new agents and trains them in three key categories that help in this task:

  • Field Combat: Not only are the agents equipped with state-of-the-art and often futuristic weaponry, but many are masters of martial arts. 
  • Magic: Some are born with it, but most are taught how to wield magic. If the bad guys are using it, then there are no rules against it, right?
  • Cybernetics: When normal weaponry won't do (or someone's lost a body part in the line of duty), cybernetics are implemented to enhance the agent.

Once they have the tools they need to take on the night, they are thrust out into a world of mystery and danger, often on a shoe-string budget. Make no mistake, API is a for-profit company and it has a bottom line. Sure it'd be easier to take out the three-story gorilla monster with a sonic cannon, but you'll have to find another way to do it unless you convince HQ there is money to be made. Some agents spend more time on expense reports than fighting demons. 

At the end of the day, agents are no one. They have been plucked from their normal lives and recruited to serve in a fight no one knows about. The public is blissfully unaware of the existence of demons and magic, and the agents are cut off from their families, so there's no one to write home to. Everyone has their reason for joining, though, and these reasons are important to the overall job they have chosen to do. 

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