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NEARSPACE Now Funding on Kickstarter!

A game of cards, dice, and stellar conquest


Two fledgling empires stare across the void at one another.

The Terran Alliance explores space eager for new frontiers and resources to exploit. They are a cantankerous collection of conflicting factions united only in their refusal to accept any limitation to their individual ambitions. They are at their strongest, and happiest, when challenged.

The Alpha Centauri Regime advances into space to meet the alien threat and eliminate it. They are a single people united under a single banner. The State gives every citizen a purpose, and every citizen gives their all to the State. Anything less is unacceptable.

Now aware of the existence of the other, both sides advance eagerly for the conflict to come. The one thing they share is an appetite for war.


In the standard game, each player takes on the role of an intergalactic empire in a head to head battle for domination. A field of cards between the players represents the space that separates the two homeworlds, with every card offering a potential threat to overcome or resource to conquer. Each player uses the resources of the homeworld and conquered planets to construct ships in the form of polyhedral dice. The number of facets determines the firepower and resilience of the ship, while the color dictates its armaments and special functions. Purple royal crafts inspire greater production from the colonies they control, while the gray stealth ships advance upon the enemy unseen.

The growing fleets explore space and claim worlds, fighting the enemy whenever they make contact. All ships attacking a contested card roll to determine the effectiveness of their assault. The defending ships roll and pair off the highest roll against the highest attacker, then the second highest, and so on until all ships are paired. The higher roll of each pair survives while the lower falls as a casualty. If any defending ship survives the onslaught, the attacker is repelled.

The game continues until an empire loses its homeworld for three turns, is crushed entirely, or suffers unbearable losses to its fleet represented by 100 facets worth of ships destroyed.


  • Every die you own is a potential ship waiting to help you conquer the Universe.
  • Add new ships to your fleet throughout the game to counter enemy strategies.
  • Variant rules for 3 and 4 player games.
  • Customize your deck to fit your strategy, using negative value cards to make room for advantageous cards.
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