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Two new expansions for the Aventuria card Game, Inn of the Black Boar and Return to the Inn of the Black Boar are now available on Kickstarter!

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The Aventuria Adventure Card Game is based in the world of The Dark Eye™, the world’s longest-running living RPG setting. Designed with easy-to-learn rules for solo, cooperative, and competitive play, the English edition of Aventuria has been winning over fans and selling out at conventions for over two years now. The new Second Edition lets us bring the game to an even wider audience, and the full-sized expansion Inn of the Black Boar brings a whole new level of adventuring to old and new fans alike!

Expanding the community of Aventuria players is our main goal with this Kickstarter. These two main products are already translated, edited, and ready to go, so we can get them into your hands very quickly. We have reward levels, add-ons, and stretch goals designed with everyone in mind – if you’re new, you’ll get everything you need to jump right in and play, and if you’re already a fan of Aventuria, we have plenty of exciting new content and accessories!