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Demonworld Miniatures Isthak Army Book for 3rd edition from FASA Games is now available on Kickstarter!

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Welcome to Demonworld. The lands of the world called Garin are covered in thousands of years of history and legend. They harbor numerous secrets and dangers, as well as the bones of generations, the victims of seemingly unending wars. Demonworld's miniatures war game lets you take command of the armies of Tinere, the northern-most continent of Garin, and create epic battles between Elves, Dwarves, Humans, and the races of the nefarious Isthak. 

We here at FASA Games, Inc are producing a fifth book in our Demonworld Miniatures game. Previously, we had brought you the Core Rules book, and three army books: the Dwarves, the Thain, and the Elves. Now we are pleased to announce the Isthak! In this, the fourth Army book, we reveal just who the Isthak are, and what capabilities they bring to the battlefield.