Witch Hunter: Grand Tome of Adversaries RPG Sourcebook Now Funding on Kickstarter!

05 May, 2015

Witch Hunter: Grand Tome of Adversaries RPG Sourcebook

A collection of villainous organizations, foul creatures and diabolical masterminds to pit against your Witch Hunters in the 1690's.

About this project

With each passing year, the great Seal of Solomon fades; it's power waning as the cracks engineered by the Adversary widen, letting more fouls creatures from the Invisible World to slip into ours. 

Tales whisper of a blood-red book, cracked with age and malignancy containing the words of the Grey Pilgrim, a mysterious figure which hunts Witch Hunters with deadly success. That book, the Incabulum Malificante, is said to be a catalog of beings, both vicious and malign, and their purported powers and weaknesses. But great care should be taken when using the cursed tome lest its malignant power turn a Witch Hunter into that which it most hates - a servant of the Adversary. 

The Second Edition of the Grand Tome of Adversaries is a 256 page full- color hard back which converts all of the original entries of the first edition to the new second edition rule set. Additionally, it adds several new entries of Villainous Organizations, (such as the Howling Teeth, the Revelers of the Wild Hunt and the Shango Lodge) and horrors (such as the Grim, the Mirrorlings, the Ravensmockers, and the Rakshasah). 

Written by fan-favorite horror writer, Rucht Lilavivat and heavily illustrated by the very talented Pat Loboyko. the Grand Tome of Adversaries is a wonderful addition to your gaming library and an invaluable resource for your Witch Hunter campaign. 

What is Witch Hunter: The Invisible World?

Witch Hunter: The Invisible World is a role playing game that is set in 1690 where the players take on the role of Heroes that have survived an encounter with the Supernatural and have been chosen to fight against these malevolent forces and protect an unsuspecting world. 

A cinematic role playing game, Witch Hunter: The Invisible World doesn't rely on miniatures or grid maps (although you can certainly use them if you wish) but pushes the mechanics in the background allowing the Grand Master (the GM) and the players to concentrate on the story and the fun, rather than the minutiae of game mechanics.

As for the feel of the game, Witch Hunter: The Invisible World is equal parts swashbuckling heroics and mind numbing horror, with a dash of investigating ancient prophecies and cryptic tomes. The game is also set in an alternate history due to the fact that magic is real and not a secret. All the Royal Courts of Europe have a Court Magi, sanctioned by the Catholic Church and purified so that he or she may practice magic without being tainted by the Adversary.

Secondly, we don’t want our female players from feeling disenfranchised, given that the 17th Century in our world treated women as little more than property, the Rosie the Riveter effect of the 1940’s takes place back in the 1300’s. As the Black Plague devastates Europe, it kills a disproportionate number of men to women, forcing the women to take up traditional “male” duties and roles, such as blacksmithing, hunting and even as soldiers to protect their land. It takes a couple of generations before the male population is back up to the pre-plague numbers and by then women are too entrenched in their new roles to turn back the clock.

Lastly, using their foul blood magic, the Aztec Empire has survived its encounter with Cortez and the Spanish Empire and has become a force to be reckoned with in the New World. With the clandestine support of the Chinese Empire, which made contact via their fabled Treasure Fleet during the 15th Century, the Aztecs now have access to gun powder and weapons equal to that of the Europeans. Denied colonies in Central America, the Spanish fortify their position in the Caribbean and the south-eastern portion of North America as they wait to see if the Pope will grant their request of launching a new Crusade against the bloody, heart-ripping savages.

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