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Westbound, Steampunk Wild West for Pathfinder Now Funding on Kickstarter!


Westbound, Steampunk Wild West for Pathfinder

About this project

Westbound is the second book from the makers of the Pure Steam Campaign Setting. Take your game westward with unique races, new classes, archetypes, gear, and western monsters, all perfect for a rootin’ tootin’ steampunk wild west adventure. The base funding will produce a premium quality, 230-page PDF and print version chock full of Steampunk Wild West goodness.   

Pure Steam:

Our previous Kickstarter campaign brought Pure Steam to life. Pure Steam is an alternate history campaign setting which takes place in the age of steam. It presented two new base classes, the Gearhead, a tech 'wizard' whose contraptions can bring the power of science to bear; and the Chaplain, whose force of charisma can bolster allies and stifle foes. 

Pure Steam presented new steam-themed equipment, weapons, vehicles, and monsters. It has truly become the definitive steampunk supplement for pathfinder. But it’s time to head west.

New Stuff:

In Westbound, you get everything you need to expand your game to the West.

New base classes like:

  • The Marshal, a lawkeeper whose jurisdiction grows with his renown.
  • The Savant, an intuitive contraption builder (think tech 'sorcerer')

Wild West archetypes such as:

  • The Wrangler, who can outrope, outride, and outgun her foes
  • The Gaucho, crazy enough to bring a knife to a gunfight
  • The Gun Devotee, a gun-slinging monk who uses ki for deeds

There is expanded support for the Chaplain and Gearhead, like:

  • New Chaplain organizations
  • New Gearhead archetypes like the Arsenalist
  • Clockwork schematics - expanding your contraption capabilities with options like delayed activation and self-propulsion.

A bevy of new monsters like the sand troll, the loch satyr, and the eternal soul, all with stunning art.

New vehicles to span the desert, like the skiff and the ornithopter.

We’ve got a new gameplay soundtrack, too, to evoke the feel of the Ulleran West!

Premium Quality

What really sets Pure Steam and Westbound apart as a third-party offering is the quality. We’ve got a great team, including dynamite designers and writers, as well as artists--even down to our printer. 

Just like it's predecessor, Westbound is fully compatible with Pathfinder RPG. The book has new races, classes, archetypes, equipment, monsters, factions, NPCs, and tons more!

Westbound will be at (and above) the same high quality mark we set with our first book, The Pure Steam Campaign Setting, which: 

-has 4.5 stars across virtually every rating site available. 
-is compared to Paizo-level quality in terms of content and production.
-is a SILVER best seller on DriveThruRPG!
-is THE definitive steampunk offering for Pathfinder RPG.

Why Back Westbound?

We have some great rewards for our backers, with benefits you won't get if you wait. For example, our PDF will launch at $20 retail, but backers can get a PDF for as low a pledge as $15, and that PDF will be delivered to backers well before it's commercially available. The same is true for the print copy, which you can snag for as low a pledge as $35 and ship to backers ahead of commercial release, and will retail for $40.

Of course, there are plenty of great rewards for folks who want to make an impression on the game. You can help design a faction in the game, or be made into a character or deity with artwork, stats, and story. Some reward levels can even get your character on the cover, AND have the potential of turning your character into a mini!