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Ironclaw: The Book of Horn & Ivory, Now available at your local game store or online!

Ironclaw: The Book of Horn & Ivory <----Order it Today!

Far removed from the feuding dynasties of Calabria and the celestial bureacracy of Zhōngguǒ is the great continent of Akoma. At the point of the arrow which its jeweled coastline forms is Lygos, seat of the Anatolian Empire, the most powerful state in the world; and in Lygos is the palace of the Caliph, emperor of Anatolia and leader of the fast-spreading religion of Malachism. The world’s most disciplined army and most feared navy move at the behest of the Caliph. Already, Anatolia has conquered the ancient Deltan Kingdom and secured the vassalage of the nation of Ọ̀yọ́ and the pirate states of the Corsair Coast.


The Book of Horn & Ivory adds new options to your Ironclaw campaign:

New species to play: crocodiles, giraffes, ibis, vultures, wildebeests, zebra and more

New organizations, like the Janissary sell-swords, the mystic Malachites, and the forbidden Black Angels

New places to visit: the great Anatolian Empire, the freebooting Corsair States, and the opulent Deltan Sultanate

New adventures, from strange and diverting side-quests, to grand sagas of intrigue, skulduggery, and all-out war.