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High-Space: Intervention Agency Handbook, Now available at your local retailer or online!

SWGHSP35 High-Space: Intervention Agency Handbook $24.00 <---- Buy it Now!

You are the Universe’s deadliest weapon… Join the elite hyper-tech agents of the galaxy's most secretive spy force: Intervention. This new supplement for High-Space - the fast, furious and fun far future setting for Savage Worlds - launches you into the shadowy world of sci-fi black ops. Packed with top secret info about the Agency's remit across the PanDominion, you'll find exciting new archetypes to play, including: Blenders: these glanding-powered doppelgangers are masters of infiltration. Surveillans: injecting an entire culture's media to track down targets and change histories. Trouble Shooters: calling them assassins underestimates their skills. Remoteorator: gamers of the future make it real with drone swarms. Space-Rogues: these wild wildcards should be in custody, but are put to better use (only once they've survived long enough). Synthforcers: these killer machines with remote brains can look like you and me... until it's too late. Cerebellum: no mortal hacker, but computational geniuses with hardwired genetically-modified brains. Plus there's new edges, new gear, starship templates and even four complete starship designs!