Dungeon Tiles - Earthtone sets, Now available at your local retailer or online!

15 October, 2018

R4I45011 Dungeon Tiles - Earthtone - Pack of 9 ten inch squares $39.99 <----Order Now!

R4I45012 Dungeon Tiles - Earthtone - Pack of 36 five inch squares $39.99 <----order Now!

R4I45013 Dungeon Tiles Earthtone Combo Pack $39.99 <----Order Now!

R4I45014 Dungeon Tiles - Earthtone - Pack of 33 six inch hexagons $39.99 <----Order Now!

Further expanding Role 4 Initiative’s line of Dungeon Tiles is our new Earthtone pattern.  Make your game’s arid setting come to life with a realistic dry earth texture --  perfect for indoor or outdoor adventures in any rule system. Compatible with both dry-erase and wet-erase markers.  More flexible than a traditional battle mat, start your game with a single tile and connect the tiles as the adventurers explore new areas.  Never again give away clues as to which way the corridors may lead due to starting placement on a large mat.  The interlocking tile modularity allows the Dungeon Master to draw many details of an area at his seat and then simply hand the tile to the nearest player to connect.  Take advantage of the double-side feature by pre-drawing map features before the game and only revealing tiles as they are encountered. You can draw one side as it appears naturally, and the other side that shows all the hidden traps and magic features when they are triggered. 

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