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Delta Green: Viscid, Now available at your local retailer or online!

APU8114 Delta Green: Viscid $14.99 <----Order Now!

  Even Death Has a Half-Life. Two days ago, a newspaper delivery driver found retired geneticist Tibalt Grieves dead outside his suburban home. Police found Grieves’ girlfriend dead in the house. A detective discovered a hidden lab, outfitted with biohazard scrubbers. A CDC specialist found unidentifiable samples—samples that indicated that something had gotten loose. When the sun rose, Grieves’ body began to smolder and disintegrate. It was another five hours before Delta Green got involved. In Delta Green: Viscid, the Agents must keep a lid on a story that threatens to spin out into the public in all its unnatural detail. They must delve into the secrets of strange and lethal forces acting in secrecy all around them. They must follow a trail of carnage to a horrifying communion. As far as Delta Green is concerned, staying alive is the last of their priorities. Delta Green: Viscid is playable with Delta Green: Need to Know or Delta Green: Agent’s Handbook, available from Arc Dream Publishing. Deeper terrors still can be gleaned in Delta Green: Handler’s Guide.