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Agents of GAIA (Savage Worlds), Now available at your local retailer or online!

BPI4242 Agents of GAIA (Savage Worlds) $19.99 <---- Buy it Now!

You have always seen a glimpse of the strange and unknown out of the corner of your eye. You dismissed it from the time you were little until now. You knew that your friend was attacked by werewolves when you were fifteen, even though the entire block was looking for a stray dog. You continued to experience these events as an adult until one day you could not let the attacks go. You had to report something to the authorities, you had to tell someone that Mr. Mason next door was attacked by a mummy in his front yard, no matter how crazy that sounds. Your report did not go unnoticed, as you were visited by a government agency you had never heard of before. The agents that arrived on your doorstep informed you that you were one of the Veil-born, and have the gift of seeing things not seen or believed by most of the populace. You have been recruited by the agency and you are now part of the group called G.A.I.A. an organization designed to protect people from the strange and unusual that exists out there.