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Fabula Ultima: TTJRPG - Atlas: High Fantasy

$ 24.90

 Fabula Ultima's HIGH FANTASY ATLAS s takes you to a world of ancient mysteries, breathtaking locations, incredible magic and powerful entities; start from humble beginnings as the heroes of legends and myths to lead characters to an epic and glorious destiny, even trusting the gods as in the best-known JRPGs!

     Immerse yourself in the epic genre par excellence with 4 new Classes (Chanter, Commander, Dancer and Symbolist) and new Heroic Skills with which to create even more combinations! 10 high fantasy locations: archetypal settings with hints and tips for playing an intense high fantasy campaign or from which to bring your own world to life. Unleash your creativity and forge your ultimate weapons with custom weapon rules. Introduce Quirks, optional rules to give your characters more depth and push their heroic abilities to the max with Zero Powers.

5 Villains, real bosses of increasing levels with which to populate your adventures and confront players with increasingly demanding and stimulating challenges! 200 full-colour pages, illustrated with manga and chibi-style images by international authors.