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Zeta Complex: Mankind's Last Hope (Savage Worlds)

$ 24.99

Zeta Complex is a new Setting for Savage Worlds Rule Systems. Zeta Complex is a comedy action role-playing game set in an apocalyptic future. The Authority (a small council controlled by a malfunctioning AI) believes it’s time for humanity to retake its rightful place on the surface. You are an operative for the Authority—armed with a laser, you are not at all equipped for what you must face. Luckily, you get to try, try, and try again, thanks to the blessings of the Authority. The dangers in this world are unpredictable, crazy, and deadly…and that is just the other operatives on your team. The surface of the Earth wasn’t abandoned for long, and its new denizens don’t recognize the authority of men or computers. The core book for Zeta Complex: Mankind’s Last Hope is a 100-page softcover book, with full-color throughout. It requires Savage Worlds core rules to play.