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Zero-G, Set 1, Mini-Game #74 PDF

$ 4.99

Jones ducked under the power claw that the Too-Nia warrior threw at him, the sharp edged weapon just missing taking the marine’s head off.  Pulling his plasma pistol, Jones burned the crab like bug down.  Getting to his feet once more he jumped into a crater as another Too-Nia warrior threw a photon grenade his way.  “You would think they were trying to kill us!” Barked the sergeant as he dove into the hole next to Jones. “Just another day in the Corps Sergeant,” replied Jones as he ducked his head down, trying to keep the Too-Nia from blowing it off, “Just another glorious day.” This is Zero-G is another great Mini-Game from Avalon Games.  Taking the S&G skirmish game system and apply it to our Battle Armor universe, and your have a great game of aliens, power battle armor and futuristic warfare.  Can your small squad of Terrain Marines bring down the Too-Nia invaders, or will the aliens rule the day with their superior technology.  This and other sets within the Zero-G genre will expand the Battle Armor universe and bring even more fun to your table top games and S&G battles.