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Xenoscape Slipcase: 2 Book Core Set

$ 80.00

Slipcase Edition with stunning artwork to keep and display your Xenoscape volumes.


XENOSCAPE is composed of two volumes, 272 pages each.

Here is what you will find in the Text of Traditions:

👽 INTRODUCTION TO MATERIA its flora, fauna and its civilizations

👽 RULES, perfect to be played immediately and complete with rules to manage your characters and their needs (rest, dreams, nutrition, life, development and death), the antagonists, and the surrounding environment

👽 PLAYING SPECIES: choose from Shrubs, Clones, Mecha-Suits, Necrocordiceps, Squamata and related evolutionary traits to create ever new characters

👽 17 PATHS: what is your character’s role on Materia? A killer? A healer? A wanderer? A merciless survivor?

👽 The Lore and the rules for managing and exploring a collapsing world, illuminated by a red dwarf and inhabited by bizarre and merciless creatures

👽 Objects, Foods, Artifacts, and Resources are meticulously detailed

👽 An entire chapter dedicated to the adventures you will live: how to set them, tips and 10 ideas for adventures ready to be used immediately

Here is what you will find in the Text of the Creatures:

👽 Rules for creating your own creatures by fully customizing character encounters

👽 Encounter tables: a fundamental help to understand what kind of dangers the characters may encounter along their path

👽 70 creatures complete with stats, attack and defense strategies, habits and role models. Also described are the Resources that can be obtained from each creature and how to obtain them

👽 A special on the Materia’s Flora: not all plants have become extinct, on the planet there is a particular flora that can help travelers or abruptly interrupt their journey

👽 13 NPCs complete with detailed sheets: use them in your adventure, face them as enemies, side by side with the party as allies!

👽 A chapter dedicated to the languages ​​of Materia

👽 NPC sheets perfect for schematizing the skills, attacks and resources of NPCs in the game