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Xenoscape: Quickstart

$ 15.00

     Sentient Beings, your struggle to survive begins from this quickstart! You are about to land on Materia, a world where the memory of human civilization has now faded, a green world filled by radioactive deserts and forests of crystal, populated by lethal and bizarre creatures. 

Civilization has regressed to bartering, writing is prohibited and the only thing that matters is to survive to fight another day.

     XENOSCAPE’s Quickstart contains: A description of Materia, its flora, fauna, creatures and strange cultures. Rules, everything you need to start playing. A complete adventure: MYCOMACHY . 6 PC ready to be played complete with a character sheet, illustration, stats and background. NPC and Monsters like the Feathered Lizard, The Terror of the Living, Neurofungi, and the Electric Ghost!