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Worlds of Wonder: Book of Skills PDF

$ 4.49

The Book of Skills is the second expansion to the Worlds of Wonder RPG game system. Explore new options with eight new skill sets. Have your character advance in the art of making with the Artisan skill set, or stalk the dark allies as a deadly assassin. Explore the wilds of the worlds with the Scout skill set or tame wild monsters with the Beast Trainer. These and more await you within the pages of the Book of Skills. 

The Book of Skills includes the following...

* A fully illustrated set of rules, completely booked marked for easy use.

* 8 new Skill Sets, the Artisan, Assassin, Beast Trainer, Envoy, Noble, Scout, Spy, and Trader

* Lifetime updates should we upgrade and or revises the system in any way.

Don't wait, leap into an adventure with Worlds of Wonder and have a blast of a time.