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Wolves in the Borderlands (Savage Worlds) PDF

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“Nobody goes into Black Forest willingly. Only those that’s
taken, and they don’t be returning.”
- Old Borderlands Saying

The story is simple: Fort Vanguard, a small but sturdy fortification,
stands on the very border of Black Forest. The lord
of the Fort, Commander Voorhess, has a beautiful daughter
named Kara, who was captured by Caled raiders three nights
ago while on her way to visit her father. Her retinue of three
soldiers and a slave girl were also captured. The raiders took
their captives back into Black Forest, beyond the Godaxe.
Being short of men, Commander Voorhess has ordered you, the
Border Wolves, to pursue the raiders and rescue his daughter.
You know the truth: you have been chosen because any other
man in the small garrison would have refused such a dangerous
Black Forest is dark and silent and, although you constantly
feel you are being watched, nothing hinders your advance.
After pursuing them for two days, you have now located the
raiders in a small Caled village...