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Wendigo Tales Volume One: Savage Stories of Horror and Adventure

$ 19.99

  Savage Stories of Horror and Adventure! Wendigo Tales Volume One brings you five chilling stories of horror and adventure by some of today's top authors, set in Pinnacle’s Savage Worlds and edited by genre legend Jeff Mariotte. Meet a new generation of heroes and villains, follow their continuing exploits, and learn all their secrets in future editions of Wendigo Tales!

Fait Accompli, a Wendigo Tale for Deadlands Noir by Shanna Germain (Predation, No Thank You, Evil!)
Raiders of the Poisoned Plains, a Wendigo Tale for Deadlands: Hell on Earth by Tim Waggoner (The Winter Box, Deep Like the River)
On the Flip Side, a Wendigo Tale for East Texas University by Aaron Rosenberg (DuckBob, Dread Remora)
The Irish Goodbye, a Wendigo Tale for Deadlands: the Weird West by Matthew Cutter (Deadlands, The Goon RPG)
The Fires Of Rome, a Wendigo Tale for Weird Wars: Rome by Shane Lacy Hensley (Savage Worlds, Deadlands, Weird Wars)