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Web of Tears PDF

$ 6.99

Yiyia watched as the undead shambled through the broken gates of her soon to be defeated enemies. Long had she plotted and planed for this day, her dark heart pounding with the pent up joy she was having at hearing the screams of the dying on the other side of the high wall. Her house had finally crushed their greatest rivals, and now nothing, no one, stood in their way of taking complete control of the city. A dark elf warrior casually walked up to her and bowed, as was custom among her people. A lower caste member of the dark race must always pay nominal respect to those of higher rank and birth. High born over lowborn, nobles over all others, females over males. That was the law of the Dark Elves, that was the way of the people of the Spider Queen.

This is the game of Web of Tears, a game of politics, intrigue, struggle and conquest. Web of Tears allows players to take control of a Dark Elf noble house, where they then must compete with other Dark Elf houses as each tries to achieve multiple victory conditions and goals. Can you train your nobles to their ultimate in skill, or will you need to amass a great army of slaves and skilled warriors. Maybe you will need to work the political side of the social order and have yourself proclaimed the queen of the city.

Web of Tears uses a unique system of influence peddling, intrigue, political plotting and all out war to allow players to interact in the nastiest of ways.

Can you out smart, out fight and out survive your foes?

Web of Tears comes with over 200 cards, counters and playing aids, which will allow up to six players to dish out terrible and nasty political battles while they all try to achive their goals of ruling the Dark Elf city itself.