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Wasted Lands: The Dreaming Age Campaign Guide and Gazetteer of the Dreaming Age PDF

$ 18.99

     Wasted Lands: The Dreaming Age is a game of swords and sorcery in a savage lost epoch, set millions of years ago. Instead of playing adventurers tied to the service of mythological deities, you play the all-too-mortal, protohuman origins of the gods of classic mythology, whose stories will inform our own ancestral memories and ancient civilizations. As you engage with your mythology (and others), you gain special powers that will lead you on the path of apotheosis. The game is offered as a two-volume set: the Wasted Lands: The Dreaming Age Role Playing Game, which contains all the rules of play, and The Gazetteer of the Dreaming Age and Campaign Guide, which contains the setting, bestiary, and game master information.

     Volume 2: The Gazetteer of the Dreaming Age and Campaign Guide includes: A setting that evokes classic swords and sorcery with cosmic horror, which can be easily removed to play your own games in any setting you desire. Guidelines, tips, and tricks for GMs running campaign chronicles that trace the birth of gods and for players participating in a Dreaming Age game. An extensive bestiary of the creatures that haunt the Spaces Between Spaces. An overview of the history and timeline of the Dreaming Age. A breakdown of the peoples that populate this lost epoch. A full gazetteer of the world of the Dreaming Age, set around 65 million years ago. A full-color, full size poster map of the Dreaming Age by Meliora Henning. The New Class of Old School takes on swords, sorcery, and Yog-Sothothery! The horrors of the Dreaming Age Call. Will you make your mark?