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Cursed Empire: Warrior-Priest Sourcebook

$ 22.99

This is the third Core Class supplement for Cursed Empire FRPG. It will focus on the Warrior Priest Class of Character and introduce some new classes and additional rules to assist in enriching the game experience.

The supplement contains the following:

  • Flavour Text, Origins of the Warrior Priest Orders and their rituals
  • 20 Orders and their emblems: Warrior Priest Orders of the Renegade Gods of Old and the 8 factions of the Elemental Cults.
  • Interaction Chart
  • 30 new Warrior Priest spells and artefacts
  • 7 full page Warrior Priest Illustrations
  • Symbolism and the importance of emblems and symbols in Cursed Empire, How to design Orders and Emblems
  • Rituals and their significance.
  • Scenario: Congregation of Shadow