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War of the Psychic Gods, Set 1, Mini-Game #82 PDF

$ 4.99

With a psychic scream the god of Reason struck down his foe and turned to watch as the other gods in his pantheon struggled with the lords of darkness.  Reason gave a sign, for while the gods of the astral plan waged their war, the souls and minds of mortal men wept tears, their world suffering from the psychic backlash that flowed out of the heavens and into their moral simple minds.  “Such as waste of time and energy,” He said to himself, launching another thought lance into the closest foe across from him.

This is War of the Psychic Gods, another great Mini-Game from Avalon Games.

Taking the S&G skirmish game system and add to it a super Meta physical world of astral travel, psychic powers and god like avatars, and you have a great action game of psychic powers and astral war.  Psychic Gods is a great mix of astral war and psychic energy and elemental emotions, all creating the wild world of a mighty battles and high suspense.