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Vs. the Wasteland

$ 15.95

Vs. the Wasteland is a roleplaying game in which players struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Whether the end of the world came from an atomic war, an extinction level event, or a global pandemic; it doesn’t really matter. Now, your Survivors live in the ruins of society. Survivors fight for their food and their safety. They fight to continue surviving, in the best ways they can in this desolate world. The fate of the Wasteland is in their hands. This book contains everything that you will need to play, besides just some friends and two decks of normal playing cards! Quick Start rules to dive into the action! Over 50 Gimmicks for your Survivor to choose! Gain mutant powers to vanquish your foes! Wasteland Codex — 12 creatures to battle against! Twenty Adventure Hooks to get you started. Sample adventure “Escape From Gravel Road” included!