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Vs. Stranger Stuff: Send In The Clowns (Special Edition) - RPG Corebook (System VsM) (Paperback)

$ 14.95

Send in the Clowns - A Special Edition of vs. Stranger Stuff. What you have here is a complete tabletop roleplaying game experience and a new experiment from Fat Goblin Games. You have a complete game system, with three short adventures, and the tools you’ll need to do much more, all in one single book. Send in the Clowns is a complete roleplaying game experience created for the vs. Stranger Stuff  RPG! vs. Stranger Stuff is a mini-rpg of 80’s inspired adventure/horror/sci-fi, typically involving children and teens. Of course, the recent hit Netflix series Stranger Things, but also those great films that inspired that series influenced us. What does this mean? It means that a game off vs. Stranger Stuff will involve you playing an adolescent during the 1980’s going against strange and unusual adversaries (often supernatural) with the aid of your loyal group of childhood friends.