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Voidheart Symphony Core Rulebook

$ 40.00

Voidheart Symphony is a roleplaying game about regular people diving into a demonfilled labyrinth to save the ones they love. It brings together dynamic action, community building, and street-level politics to make a game that’s confident, vibrant and queer. You’ll control a rebel, a mundane person who’s seen the darkness behind their city’s pain. At core they may be an Authority, a Provider, a Watcher – and you’ll use that power to help the crew. But your enemy is far too great for the crew to face alone. The people you care for will grant powers of their own: an investigative journalist can give you the searing light of the Sun, and a caring mentor may grant the healing power of the Gardener. You’ll need to use that strength as you expose your target’s lies in the mundane world, and as you fight breathtaking and uncanny foes in that nightmare castle. The hungry void and the spirit of your city will both offer you their power, and make their own demands. How will you strike that balance? What will your revolution fight for? That’s your story to tell.