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Vermin 2047: Book 0 - Survival Kit Horde Edition Box

$ 65.00

Vermin 2047 is a role-playing game of survival and cooperation set in post-apocalyptic 2047. Players take on the roles of survivors in a world devastated by successive epidemics, riots, civil wars, and natural disasters — a world in which vermin such as insects and rats have replaced humans at the top of the food chain, but in which hope remains…

The Survival Kit contains everything required to play your first scenarios in the Vermin 2047 universe:

• Presentation of the setting
• Rules system
• Character creation
• 6 pregenerated characters
• 3 ready-to-play adventures

The Horde edition also includes a game screen and pre-generated characters printed separately.

The Horde edition cover is the original cover for the book. The inside content of the book is the same for all editions.

142 pages, A4 format in a custom soft case, soft cover