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#Urbanheroes: Corebook

$ 50.00

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Wearing a cape has never been so dangerous! An explosion, back in 2008, destroys the CERN research center in Geneva, irradiating the entire planet with Z Radiations responsible for the awakening of powers beyond any logical explanation in random human beings. The H.E.R.O. era begins, creatures capable of overcoming human limits and fastly becoming the new status symbol for the political world, the star system, communication, and the collective imagination. Humans no more but still humans at the same time, too much humans maybe, these heroes and villains get devoured by the world of advertising and showbiz deep inside a filthy dark reality. Earth Z knows no mercy for anyone, not even its newborn divinities. #UrbanHeroes is an old-school roleplaying game with a unique system where you will have the opportunity to play a H.E.R.O. one of these superhuman beings: welcome to Earth Z!