URBAN JUNGLE – Anthropomorphic Noir Role-Play

$ 29.95

     From the makers of Ironclaw, URBAN JUNGLE is the role-playing game where you’re thrown into dens of iniquity, where you run from packs of vicious killers, where you work your way up the food chain. Because if you’re not in the lead, the view never gets any better.

     A complete game in one volume, URBAN JUNGLE immerses you in an anthropomorphic world of pulp-adventure, hard-boiled crime, and film noir. You’ll tangle with hardened gangsters, with jaded debutantes, with world-wear war veterans, and with all kinds of shady characters. Don’t let the easy-to-read, friendly-to-newcomers style of the book fool you – what starts as some pretty simple choices quickly snowballs into thousands of options that will give even the most hard-boiled players something to sink their teeth into. Everybody’s got a seat at this table, if you’ve got what it takes to make in this wide world. This game includes roarin’ nightclubs, seedy neighborhoods, high-rise skyscrapers, and low-down slums — all detailed and described, with some adventures to seal the deal. And all in one book, which you can have for the price of a song. Don’t let the long whiskers and the wagging tails fool you. A smile is just another way of baring teeth.