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Unglorious: Tales from the Crypt

$ 34.00

     Step forward, you cheap little corpses. Don’t think for a second that since now you know how to move around the Orchard you’re ready to become heroes. You can grandstand all you want with your drinking buddies but we all know that the mere sight of a border is enough to make every tiny bone in your body tremble in fear. I’ve seen deceased like you before: you think that having your name on a coffin and some measly powers makes you worthy of a statue in the square of the Mortopolis.  Don’t look at me like that! Stand straight! Mandibles tight!

Ahr ahr ahr. I’m just messing with you. You should see your faces right now. Let’s be clear, I wasn’t lying about your poor inclination towards adventure, but don’t worry - Lady Danielle is here to take you by the hand and lead you through a hero’s path.

     In these pages you’ll find ten adventures, along with characters and places from the Land of Bandead and the Orchard, which will turn you from cheap corpses into superstars of the world of the dead. Your portraits will hang on tavern and Tomb & Breakfasts walls and your names will be on every risen’s lips - or teeth. Get ready for adventure and let your epitaph be eternally engraved in the Tales from the Crypt. Unglorious: Tales From the Crypt is a book filled with adventures and deeds ready to be completed by the most valiant dead. Travel across the seas of the world of the dead and face skeletal pirates; resurface to explore remote places in the world of the living; flee from angry mobs; and fight Livinjoys, Necrolovers, and Urn Keepers. Thanks to these pages, from a pile of bones and falling skin, you will become a Legend of the Orchard! Tales From the Crypt includes 13 between adventures and new locations to explore.