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Unglorious: Ferryman's Screen

$ 20.00

In the Orchard, bureaucracy is everything! Without it, the world of the dead would be overrun by scrambling corpses at the mercy of utter chaos--perhaps more serene, but still decidedly disoriented. If Death Certificates and Licenses are important, the Ferryman's Screen is the ultimate expression of bureaucratic and regulatory control of the world of the dead. Initially designed to conceal the depressing expression of the Pities, now it has become a set of rules and advice most useful for dealing with your sessions in the world of Unglorious. The Ferryman Screen is not designed for cheating with dice rolls. Any misuse of its original function will be sanctioned by the Lords of the Orchard -- assuming anyone can see you.

      Unglorious: Ferryman's Screen, is an accessory for the necro-fantasy RPG Unglorious. The Ferryman's Screen features: 3 panels beautifully illustrated by artist Vincenzo Pratticò; 14 between mirrors and tables ranging from the Dead Creation to the Marketplace of the Orchard.