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Unglorious: Corebook

$ 49.00

You’re dead. Well, it’s no surprise considering how recklessly you launched into adventure. You thought a sword, a map and some sunscreen would be enough to face hungry fiends and cursed forests? Tell me again, how did you die?  …Good heavens, I’ve heard some stupid deaths in my time, but this one takes the cake! But fear not, all is not lost. Never mind the fact that you don’t even have one shred of flesh left on you, because now you have the opportunity to settle your unfinished business, to gain the glory you so coveted and to continue the journey that you cut short in such a silly way, so you can gain access to the most exclusive afterlife available! You are now in the Orchard, the world of the dead, a sort of metropolis inhabited by corpses. You will find there are many laws to follow, queues to respect and paperwork to sign in order to travel from here to the world of the living… but hey, even if it seems like a bleak and boring world, you can make a lot of friend who are as stup– I mean, as eager for adventure as you are, with whom you can embark on dozens of adventures without worrying about the passage of time (or a pitchfork piercing your chest). Well, go now. This is your death certificate and this is your sword. Of course it’s rusty! What did you expect? After all, it died too.

     Unglorious is the RPG that begins where all others end… with the death of your character! Embark on this adventure beyond the limits (and limitations) of life and face all that the World of More will throw at you. But don’t be scared… there probably won’t be anyone more frightening than you! Unglorious, the Necro-fantasy RPG lets you play the role of an adventurer who passed away due to their carelessness and has now risen again to seek the glory they couldn’t obtain when they were alive. Settle your unfinished business in the land of the living, face the land of the dead’s exhausting bureaucracy and join the most heroic deceased warriors! It’s time to rise and fight once more… and hopefully do better this time around.

     Unglorious: Corebook contains everything you need to step into the shoes of a dead man and start your voiage to become a hero! In addition to this, it includes: Background of the Land of Fooldom and the Orchard, the world of the dead; Rules; Funerary Equipment; 4 Deceased Bodies (Skinnies, Squishies, Stuffies and Windies); 12 Deceased Types; 150+ Spells and Upgrades; Bestiary wit 22 profiles; Rules for handling Animal Companions.